Study Circle 17 of 2019: On Fascism

Dear comrades and friends,

DYFI CUC organised the seventeenth study circle of the year yesterday. We were joined by Comrade Subhashini Ali, communist leader, member of the Politburo of the CPI(M), and former president of the All India Democratic Women’s Association.

We read most parts of The Fascist Offensive and the Tasks of the Communist International in the Struggle of the Working Class Against Fascism, by Georgi Dimitrov. The speech covers the political economy of fascism in the European context, and German fascism in particular. It talks of the class character of fascism, what it promises and what it actually brings to the working masses. It then lays out the need for a United Front against fascism, and the tasks of this united front. 

We discussed how different the situation in Europe at the time (1935) was, and how little applicability there was to contemporary India, and thus the futility of drawing too many parallels. The part we found quite relevant was the one called The Ideological Struggle Against Fascism. It speaks of what nationalism and internationalism mean for communists. We also discussed the role that caste plays in the ideology promoted by fascistic organisations.
Next Sunday, we will read about fascistic tendencies in India. Comrade Subhashini will join us again, and we hope to see a lot of you there!

Revolutionary Greetings,

Central Unit Committee,

Democratic Youth Federation of India – Delhi

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